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Husserl, Edmund 1859-1938
External Links - General to Husserl

 * NewBooks, Phenomenology Journals, and Special Journal Issues in Phenomenology (incomplete)
 * CARP: Center For Advanced Research in Phenomenology (U.S.A.)
Web site of one of the premier research centers in phenomenology. Excellent source on the state of phenomenology today, registry of phenomenologists new and old, bibliography of the movement, graduate programs, pictures, links and more.
 * Jacques Derrida, a bibliography of writings (U.S.A.)
A well constructed, seemingly comprehensive listing of Derrida's writings. The site also includes informative bibliographic links, such as:
    » other bibliographic sources
    » special journal issues devoted to Derrida
    » a bibliography of interviews
    » books and articles
    » video and audio appearances
 * Husserl Page: Wilhelm Diltheys Werke (U.S.A)
A listing of all volumes of the Gesammelte Schriften, other published writings, diaries, correspondence and unpublished manuscripts as well as the publication plan of Wilhelm Dilthey Selected Works edited by Rudolf A. Makkreel and Frithjof Rodi and other translations into English. The site includes a representation of Dilthey's Lebenslauf taken from Heidegger's lecture "Wilhelm Diltheys Forschungsarbeit und der gegenwärtige Kampf um eine historische Weltanschauung."
 * Eugen Fink:
[*] Eugen Fink Archiv (Germany)
Home to the literary estate of Husserl's last assistant. Presently under the direction of Ferdinand Graf. Links include:
    » Fink's Vita
    » A Comprehensive Bibliography
    » Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg (Archive address information).
[*] Wegweiser durch die Eugen-Fink-Literatur (Germany)
Research of Husserl-Literature made available by the Universtät Freiburg library system.
 * The Gadamer Home Page (Japan)
Overview of the life and work of Hans-Georg Gadamer in German and Japanese. Links include: Kleine Chronologie, Mitgliedschaft und Preise, Schüler, Festschriften, Vorlesungen und Seminare, Wichtige Werke, Bibliographie, Senkundärliteratur, with more links planned.
 * José Gaos (Mexico)
Web site devoted to the life and thought of this Mexican philosopher.
 * Martin Heidegger:
[*] Heidegger's Nachlass at Marburg (Germany)
A rather spartan site but it gives some indication of the holdings.
[*] (Germany)
An informative site with includes such links as "Heidegger in the press today". This site deserves a visit.  Some of the more informative links include:
    » Aktuelles
    » Gesellschaft and Stiftung
    » Forschung
[*] Martin Heidegger: Bibliographie chronologique (1910-1976) (France)
A project of école normale supérieure, which lists a complete chronological bibliography of Martin Heidegger's writings and bibliography of French translations.
[*] Heidegger's Page--Ereignis (U.S.A.)
The Heidegger Home Page. See especially:
    » The Gesamtausgabe Plan
    » A Heidegger Chronology
[*] Martin Heidegger Resources (U.S.A.)
This website was developed by Daniel Fidel Ferrer and Alfred Denker.
 * Michel Henry
[*] Michel Henry 1922-2002 (The Netherlands)
An informative page on Henry's work, put together by Ruud Welton, which includes the following categories: Michel Henry on the Internet, bibliography, collections, novels, articles, on Michel Henry, special issues in international magazines, more bibliographies.
[*] Michel Henry (France)
A clean and well-organized web site devoted to the work of Michel Henry and on-going research his philosophy. The site includes pages on news, a biography, as well as an interesting analysis of Henry's work and and an index. A bibliography is in the works. The language of all pages is French, created by Anne Henry.
 * Roman Ingarden (Italy)
Part of the Polish Philosophy Page, this Ingarden page details the life and accomplishments of this important philosopher.
 * Emmanuel Levinas
[*] The Emmanuel Levinas Web Page (U.S.A.)
Web page created for scholars of Levinas. Includes a biography, a bibliography (including primary & secondary sources), excellent links to other sites of interest and more.
[*] The Levinas Center at UNCC (USA)
 * Lexique philosophique (Belgium)
[*] Allemand-français
[*] Français-allemand
A useful German-French -- French-German glossary of terms special to phenomenology. See also the home site of the reseach unit Phénoménologies at the University of Liège, Belgium.
 * Jean-Luc Marion Online Resources (U.S.A.) 
Bibliographies and electronic resources devoted to the philosopher, Jean-Luc Marion, collected. Sites include a link to the Jean-Luc Marion listserv as well as a listing of Marion's books, essays, journal articles, and select secondary sources.
 * Maurice Merleau-Ponty:
[*] Merleau-Ponty Circle (U.S.A.)
The Merleau-Ponty Circle is a loosely knit organization of students, teachers, and scholars interested in the thought of Maurice Merleau-Ponty, which convenes once a year usually in September. The page includes links for the conference program, circle newsletter, discussion, archives, call for papers, and a bibliography by, on or about Merleau-Ponty.
[*] Merleau-Ponty Circle (Japan)
A well organized web site of the Japan Merleau-Ponty Circle, founded in 1983. Besides holding annual conferences, the Circle also publishes Les études merleau-pontiennes. Written mostly in Japanese, but many pages offer an English translation.
 * New Studies in Phenomenology - Neue Studien zur Phänomenologie (Germany)
"The series New Studies in Phenomenology / Neue Studien zur Phänomenologie intends to publish monographs and collections of essays that are phenomenological in exactly this sense: that they are part of the tradition without being uncritical, much less orthodox. We encourage studies which explore new themes and offer new interpretations without losing sight of the classical origins of phenomenology, especially the groundbreaking phenomenological and hermeneutical works of Husserl and Heidegger." Edited by David Carr (Emory University, Atlanta), Klaus Held (Bergische Universität Wuppertal), & Christian Lotz (Seattle University).
 * Phenomenological Organizations
A comprehensive list of websites by those organizations devoted to phenomenological research.
 * Jan Patočka (1907–1977): Patocka
[*] The Jan Patočka Archive (The Czech Republic)
"The aim of the Archive is to organize a study and interpretation of the philosophical legacy of Jan Patočka, to publish his complete works, and to gather manuscripts and documents concerning his work and life" — mostly in Czech. The site contains a many important links: the AJP News, a Jan Patočka Biography, a "Biochronology", a important and exhaustive multi-language Patočka's Bibliography (1928–2002), a helpful bibliography of secondary literature, an Editor's addenda or Paralipomena editionum, a page providing Information and History of the Patočka Archive, as well as a collection of important links. One should also consult the "Background and Objectives" of the Center for Theoretical Study for more information.
[*] Husserl Page: A Patočka Bibliography
This bibliography presents a representative account of the Patočka's literary scope.
[*] The Philosophical Work of Jan Patočka (Austria)
Web site devoted to dissemination of Patočka's work. Note especially:
     » The Patočka Archive at IWM.
 * Organization of Phenomenological Organizations 
The O.P.O. is composed of centers, societies, archives and working groups promoting the phenomenological tradition and its offspring. The O.P.O. aims at fostering communication and cooperation among philosophers around the globe.  See their comprehensive list of phenomenological organizations.
 * Max Scheler:
[*] Husserl Page: Gesammelte Werke Max Schelers
Volume by volume breakdown of this series, includes Table of Contents and copyright information for each volume.
[*] Professor Frings' Max Scheler Web Page (U.S.A.)
A valuable addition to the Internet. This site is developed by a leading Scheler scholar and reflects Professor Fring's expertise of the subject. Links include information regarding Scheler's biography, a synopsis of Scheler's thought and the International Max Scheler Society (see below), as well as information regarding:
     » the Scheler archives
     » the Gesammelte Werke
     » available translations
     » secondary literature
[*] Max Scheler Gesellschaft (Germany)
Homepage of the Max Scheler society which highlights the structure and aims of the society, its membership, administration and various meetings of the society.  The Gesellschaft also provides a brief biography of Scheler as well as an accounting of the Gesammelte Werke, Scheler's literary estate and literature. Especially fruitful links includes:
     » secondary literature regarding Scheler's philosophy
     » publications sponsored by the Society
     » gesellschaftliche events
 * Edith Stein:
[*] A Comprehensive Bibliography of Stein's Literary Work
[*] Edith Stein (Austria)
Web site of the devoted to the life and work of this assistant to Edmund Husserl who later converted from Judaism to Catholicism to become a Carmelite nun. On May 1, 1987 she was beatified by Pope John Paul II.  Especially interesting links include (auf Deutsch):
     » a robust biography
     » Papal comments regarding the life of Edith Stein
     » the Edith Stein Jahrbuch
[*] Edith-Stein-Gesellschaft Deutschland e.V. (Germany)
Located in Speyer, the Society seeks to highlight the life and philosophical thinking of Edith Stein.  A most interesting site, it is a good place to begin to explore wider Internet sources on this important figure.
 * The World Phenomenology Institute (U.S.A.)
World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research. The webpages contain up-to-date information regarding Institute programs, projects, and publications such as the international conference series; the Boston Forum; spring and summer symposia; master classes; the yearbook series Analecta Husserliana; the WPI Monograph Series; the journal Phenomenological Inquiry; as well as other matters of philosophical interest related to joint research projects with universities and advanced research institutions around the world.

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