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  • Created new page: Husserl's Teaching. (2/16)
  • Updated all links and contact information on the Archives page. (4/15)
  • I have begun redesigning The Husserl Page. All links to his publications have been updated. The main page has been streamlined, and most of the content originally displayed there moved to separate pages. The work is preliminary to a fundamental syle change of the page. (6/12)
  • The Husserl Page is undergoing a revision both of content and style. Given my work schedule, I believe this entire process will take place over a period of approximately two years (starting July 2008). At present, I am soliciting comments and suggestions for improvements, e.g., links to be included, content you would like to see improved or added, information on philosophers you would like to see or expanded herein, etc. Please send all such comments to:  Thank you. (7/09)
  • Changed the official email address of The Husserl Page to (06/06)
  • Added Google search tool for searching inside The Husserl Page. (06/06)
  • Although I have been keeping The Husserl Page up to date, I have been unable to introduce any redesign elements to this page. As soon as my schedule permits, I will make this a priority -- especially by introducing a rewritten and up-to-date chronological bibliography and an original biography of Husserl. (10/05)
  • The "Announcement" section of the The Husserl Page now refers interested parties to the Newsletter of Phenomenology except for the most important announcements regarding Husserl and Husserlian scholarship. (07/04)
  • Established a new, permanent address at:  (05/03)
    • Established new email address:
    • Re-created The Husserl Page: Phenomenological Organizations. This pages proved an exhaustive list of links to the web sites of organizations devoted to phenomenological research.
    • Stream lined The Husserl Page: Site Map for easier reading.
    • Removed the Hippias search window since it never functioned as promised.
    • Removed the submission form, eventually to be replaced with a more functional form.
  • Inserted a latest update notice prominently at the top of The Husserl Page. (02/03)
  • Replaced my own page listing phenomenological organizations with a link to the Organization of Phenomenological Organizations. (02/03)
  • Added mailing address information for all archival depositories of Husserl's manuscripts to better facilitate scholarly communication. (01/03)
  • Created internal system of links to make every page more accessible within The Husserl Page. (12/02)
  • Revised and consolidated The Husserl Page: Husserliana to include all Husserliana materials published by Kluwer Academic Publishers. (11/02)
  • Updated outdated links to Kluwer Academic Publishers and revised site map. (7/02)
  • Revamped look of The Husserl Page to enhance organizational structure as well as visual pleasure of page. (1/02)
  • Created a new web page listing the contents of the every issue of Jahrbuch, which Husserl edited in conjunction with Moritz Geiger, Alexander Pfänder, Adolf Reinach, Max Scheler, is now available in The Husserl Page: Chronological Bibliography (11/01).
  • The Husserl Page now includes a comments submission form. (4/01)
  • The Husserl Page now includes a map of the entire site. This page lists every page within the domain of The Husserl Page (4/01).
  • Rewrote source code of The Husserl Page to create a more reader friendly format. (3/01)
  • I have been so busy, it seems I have not made any improvements for some time. I established and used to maintain Husserl Circle Web Page in addtion to The Husserl Page (8/00).
  • The Husserl Page moved to its new home. The new address is: (6/00)
  • Added a The Husserl Page: Nachlass Classificatory Scheme which presents the scheme for Husserl Nachlass. (From Bernet, Rudolf, Iso Kern, and Eduard Marbach. 1993. An introduction to Husserlian phenomenology) (4/00)
  • Husserl Archives. Inserted a new category of links on The Husserl Page. This section is a listing of information and links to all archives of Husserl's literary estates in the world. (2/99)
  • Inserted the Hippias search engine in The Husserl Page to enhance the interactivity of the site. (11/98)
  • Direct access to the images of Husserl available on the Net incorporated into The Husserl Page. (10/98)
  • I have with great sadness stopped updating the Quote 'o' Month page. (8/98)
  • Added new category, Online Texts, for listing electronic texts of Husserl's writing in any language. (6/98)
  • Changed first window of The Husserl Page to better reflect content of entire web page structure. (6/98)
  • Significantly improved both content and style of the Chronology of Husserl's Writings. Additions include (but are not limited to) a listing of Husserl's publications by original publisher, removal of a number of errors and an improved notation and reference format facilitating more advanced study. Improved format of this page makes locating a publication or a translation much easier. (3/98)
  • Revised look of The Husserl Page to make "aim" and "life and work," i.e., internal links, more prominent. (2/98)
  • Revised structure of What's New page to reflect improvements made over time to The Husserl Page as well as new links added. (2/98)
  • Updated and improved content of the Secondary Sources page.
    • Final draft of Husserl's Contemporaries completed. (1/98)
    • Working draft of Husserl's Influence on the U.S.A. begun. (1/98)
  • Revised Husserliana page, specifically erratum concerning Volume 20 of Husserliana. (1/98)
  • In Chronological Bibliography, re-placed many of the citations published after Husserl's death in proper chronological sequence. Revised many stylistic errors. (1/98)
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